Why a Person May Need a Drug Crime Lawyer in Kansas

Whenever a person is charged with any kind of drug crime, chances are that the penalties will be severe if the person is convicted. Some states have a very strict stance on crimes involving drug possession, trafficking, and manufacturing, such as Missouri and Kansas, to name a couple. A Drug Crime Lawyer in Manhattan, Kansas understands how harsh the punishment is for defendants and helps clients get the best possible outcome for their drug crime cases. Here are some reasons hiring a lawyer when charged with a drug crime will be the best choice.

Reasons for Hiring a Drug Lawyer in Kansas

Some states may allow for marijuana use, but Kansas is one of the states that do not, and most drug crimes are treated as felonies. Felonies will dramatically affect the lives of those charged and may even cause them to lose their jobs if they are convicted. It makes sense to hire a lawyer who has plenty of successful experience in defending clients with drug charges. It is understood that if a person is convicted of possession of any drug and intending on distributing it, prison time is assumed.

More Reasons to Hire a Drug Lawyer in Kansas

It is unfortunate that even a person with no prior criminal record can face prison time, heavy fines, and a tarnished record for having a drug conviction. Certain areas in Kansas are considered “high drug traffic” zones and the police may target a person who has out-of-state tags or looks suspicious. In doing so, the constitutional rights of an individual may be violated, giving the person a legal advantage with the right attorney.

An Attorney for Drug Defense in Kansas

If a person feels as if the police have trampled on constitutional rights or otherwise feels the need for a lawyer to intervene, there are many throughout Kansas who are available. Addair Thurston Chtd. is an example of such an attorney in the Manhattan, Kansas area who represents those clients with drug crime charges. If a person is in need of a Drug Crime Lawyer in the Manhattan, Kansas area, the attorney is available. To get more information, visit the website You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.