Why a Living Will Should be Included While Planning Your Estate

When people plan their estate, they establish wills that contain information on how they wish for their property to be distributed. In a will, estate owner names the beneficiaries and what property they will inherit. Often, any specific circumstances to inheriting the property such as a certain age requirement are documented in the paperwork. While it is important to plan an estate to protect the individual’s property and the future of their family. Another vital document that should be created is a living will that expresses the person’s wishes if they should become debilitated. A living wills attorney in Moline, IL can help establish the document to help ensure the individual’s wishes are respected if they are incapacitated.

Relieve Your Family of Undue Stress

When a person is incapacitated, they are unable to make medical personnel aware of their wishes. Whether the medical team should try to resuscitate an individual if they stop breathing or what lifesaving measures such as feeding and breathing tubes should be used. It can be challenging for family members to make these decisions, especially if the individual is suddenly incapacitated and determined brain dead. They may be unsure of what the person would want, and it can cause disagreements between family members if they cannot agree on what type of treatment to provide their loved one. A living wills attorney in Moline, IL area  can help eliminate the stress during a difficult time by helping you document the medical you desire.

Give Your Family Peace of Mind

Nothing can be more devastating than making an end of life decisions for a loved one. David J. Franks Attorney at Law can help eliminate this stress and help put your loved ones’ minds at ease. Their firm can help document your medical wishes if you are unable to verbally express them yourself.

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