Why A Burial Service in Deltona, FL is Likely to Include Cremation

In the years gone by, a Burial Service in Deltona FL was most likely followed by a burial. Not so these days, as Florida is among the handful of states leading the nation in cremations. Boasting over 60% of all deaths resulting in cremation, only a couple of states exceed this high number. So, what’s the allure of a cremation to so many Floridians? Experts name a few features of the alternative body disposal method.


There’s no denying that a Burial Service in Deltona FL is going to be cheaper when coupled with a cremation as opposed to a traditional burial. In fact, number crunchers put the cost for cremation at over half the price of an in-ground burial. One reason for this large discrepancy, in Florida and other coastal states anyway, is the lack of available ground for cemeteries. This puts plot costs at a high premium. The average cost for a burial/service in Florida averages approximately $7500. Compare that to $3,000 for a cremation.


Because families are more scattered about the countryside these days, visits to grave sites are far less common. For this reason, the decision to go with a cremation makes more sense for many individuals, especially those in states with high concentrations of transplants…such as Florida as well as Nevada and California. While some people still choose to have a service with their friends and family who can attend, direct cremation is becoming a fast growing trend. Direct cremation skips the service all together before the cremation, and allows family to plan a remembrance service at their convenience.


The past also saw a taboo placed on cremation, with many religions forbidding or at least frowning on the process. However, with the New Age movement many Americans have adopted along with the Catholic Church easing up on restrictions, cremation has slowly gained steam in popularity. It seems once the first family member breaks the barrier and commits to cremation, the rest of the family is apt to continue the trend.

With many ways to dispose of ashes, including burial if the family is so inclined, cremation popularity is expected to only grow in the upcoming years. Click here for more information.

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