Who To Contact When You Need A Criminal Law Lawyer In Williston ND

Many people get arrested because they were doing something they shouldn’t have been or found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the reason a person is facing criminal charges, they should seriously consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer. A legal defense in the courtroom sometimes means the difference between going to jail or getting a probationary sentence. Probation is preferable in the eyes of most people because they get to retain their freedom and only have to comply with the terms of their probation. There are even some instances where a Criminal Law Lawyer can get someone’s charges completely dropped.

People who need a Criminal Law Lawyer in Williston ND should get in touch with Beardsley Jensen & Lee. This is one of the top choices for a Criminal Law Lawyer in Williston ND because they have an excellent record when it comes to getting defendants’ charges reduced. A reduction in charges could result in a sentence that someone is very happy with. Sometimes, people are only required to pay a fine or do community service hours if the charge is not so severe. A lawyer can bring up inconsistencies in the police report that will make the jury doubt that the defendant actually committed the crime, or that they didn’t intend to commit the crime. Lack of intention is a big deal when it comes to criminal charges because it means that a person is not truly bad and doesn’t belong in prison.

A defendant can ensure they’re hiring the right lawyer by calling some in their area and asking about their experience with the charges they are facing. It’s important to do this because there are so many different types of lawyers available. If a law firm only handles civil cases, they may try to take a criminal one just to make more money. However, it’s not wise to hire a lawyer that has no experience dealing with criminal charges because they are going to be out of their element. A state prosecutor can be harsh if someone is facing a serious charge, and they need a legal defense that can be just as aggressive. Take advantage of lawyers that know how to defend people who are facing criminal charges to have the best chance of being happy with the sentencing.

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