Who to Call for Land Surveyors in Austin

It is an unfortunate reality that land disputes arise for a variety of reasons. Whether it is from improper surveying or vague court documents, the question of who owns a piece of land can quickly become a convoluted situation. Fortunately, for those needing Land Surveyors in Austin, there is a local firm with over 30 years of experience providing excellence in surveying.

At Baker-Aicklen and Associates, there are land surveyors that have been locally recognized as being experts in their field. This recognition has afforded Baker-Aicklen access to a variety of exclusive contracts. In particular, local governments are quick to call on this firm when accurate surveying is required. This reputation is demonstrated by this firm’s selection to complete a variety government mandated projects. From the surveying of land for improvements to County Road 170 to the extension of Lakeline Boulevard, these surveyors have worked closely with Williamson County officials for countless projects. As the prime consultant for most of these projects, Baker-Aicklen and Associates professional opinion greatly influenced the design and construction of these projects.

In addition to working closely with local governments, Baker-Aicklen and Associates also provides surveying services for the general public. Whether it is to settle land disputes or to facilitate private development, these professionals have years of experience providing accurate and economical private sector surveys. One of the reasons for the accuracy and affordability stems from the use of state of the art equipment during surveys. By using this equipment, Baker-Aicklen is able to provide the most accurate measurements possible in a quick and efficient manner.

Regardless of the type of surveying you need done, the professionals at Baker-Aicklen and Assocaites have the expertise to complete it. Having worked with local businesses, citizens and governments for over 30 years, these professionals have completed almost any type of surveying possible. In fact, the broad scope of surveying completed by this firm has necessitated the use of state of the art equipment. This equipment allows the surveyors from Baker-Aicklen to quickly provide accurate readings. The next time you require Land Surveyors in Austin, contact these friendly professionals.