Who to Call for Air Conditioning Repair in Palm Harbor

Is your air conditioning or heating system not working? You may need professional help from a heating, ventilation and air conditioning, also known as HVAC, contractor who can repair a faulty system. If you are needing a contractor experienced in repairing Air conditioning in Palm Harbor, Airprompt Heating / Air Conditioning, Inc. is a full service HVAC company that serves the Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Port Richey, Hudson and Spring Hill areas.

The heat and humidity in the summer months can be dangerous for particularly vulnerable demographics of people, such as the elderly, children and athletes who practice outdoors. The most dangerous condition associated with too much exposure to high temperatures is heat stroke, which is a symptom of hyperthermia. The opposite of hypothermia, hyperthermia is when the body’s core temperature rises dramatically to a harmful level. Ensuring that your air conditioning system is running correctly, and performing AC Repair is must to prevent this life threatening condition.

Many businesses depend on their air conditioning systems to keep their customers cool during the hot summer months. If a business’ air conditioning system is not working, it can affect the amount of customers that patron your company. While fixing an air conditioner is an expensive endeavor, it can prevent further losses of revenue if your customer flock to a competing business’ cool facilities.

Additionally, a broken air conditioner can make life unbearable, causing irritating heat rashes that itch and may take weeks to heal completely. Another heat related illness is heat cramps, which are generally not dangerous, but are extremely uncomfortable. After a cooling system stops working, a building will generally rise in a multiple degrees higher than the outside temperature due to advances in insulation technology. While insulation is almost always a good thing, keeping energy costs low and the environment in a facility a constant temperature, it can cause problems if the AC system is not working.

For those needing a contractor to repair Air conditioning in Palm Harbor, there is a reputable HVAC company that can help. Airprompt Heating / Air Conditioning, Inc. can repair AC, heating and ventilation problems.