Who Is Involved With International Freight Shipping?

Most people have no idea when they go to ship international freight, who is involved, but knowing could be helpful. You are shipping items without understanding who does what or how many companies are involved. When you add in more companies, you have a greater risk of losing or damaging something, so understanding a little better can make a big difference.


You are the sender, meaning you are the one that is paying for the item to be shipped overseas. You can also be called an exporter because you are moving goods from your primary country to another. You can also be called the importer because you are importing goods into the destination country. As the shipper, you accept responsibility for the products and you know they are legal to be shipped from your country to the other country. Some companies will offer to help check items to ensure legality, but if any charges arise, you could be held responsible.

Overseas Company

The company you select to ship the items is the foreign company. They will employ other companies to get the job done, but they are the one that you work with and the one you contact in case of problems. Whether you have some questions or want updates on the shipment, you’ll call them. Everyone else used will be subcontractors or employees. In some cases, they can also be the destination agent, freight forwarder or origin agent, but they don’t have to be.

Origin Agent

The origin agent sends someone to your house to pick up the package or to see what’s being shipped. They provide quotes and can load or pack the shipment. They may not be necessary, depending on what’s shipped, but if someone comes to your house to pick up the delivery, they are considered the origin agent.

Cargo Forwarder

The cargo forwarder is the company that arranges the ocean cargo and handles export documentation. They will take the packages to the port from the pickup point. They are usually licensed and may also be called an authorized agent. If you have concerns, you can contact your overseas company and find out who the cargo forwarder is.

Destination Agent

The destination agent will handle port dealings and customs clearing procedures, and they will also deliver the items to the recipient. They will likely be the overseas company because they will better understand shipments to a foreign country.

International freight shipping isn’t as easy as some think, and many people/companies are involved. Visit Fastway Worldwide Express, India today to learn more about their services or how to become a customer.

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