Who Do Group Homes Serve?

Group homes in Monroe, LA, are an important part of a community because they serve people who are living with disabilities. Learn more about these homes and who they serve below.

Group Home: What Are They?

Group homes in Monroe, LA, such as GBC Life Services, are also known as congregate living facilities and care homes. These homes house people in them with specific health needs.

The housing facilities are intended to accommodate six to eight individuals and are tailored to provide specialized care to people with disabilities. Trained caregivers offer round-the-clock support, catering to the unique needs of their patients.

Residents can opt to participate in life skills training, which equips them with the ability to manage daily tasks with ease. Moreover, the staff members at group homes, such as those managed by GBC Life Services, can assist residents in securing employment opportunities outside the facility. These homes frequently have agreements with nearby businesses to facilitate employment for their residents.

The Residents Who Live In These Homes

These are usually made up of adults who cannot stay alone in a traditional home because of their specific developmental disabilities. GBC Life Services provides those with developmental challenges community living to develop their skills and provide fulfilling lives. Contact GBC Life Services today for more information!

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