Who Adoption Agencies in Austin Recommend for Birth and Adoptive Parents

There are approximately 125,000 adoptions in the United States every year. Each one of these adoptions is unique and has slightly different circumstances surrounding it. But one thing is similar in each: they involve the life of a child. When something that important is at stake it has to be done correctly.

Adoption laws are complex. The amount of paperwork involved in the average adoption is extensive, both for the birth mother choosing to give up her child and the adoptive parents. To be certain it is all completed correctly and legally it is important to have an adoption attorney at your side.

Adoption Agencies in Austin rely on the services of Michael R. Lackmeyer, Attorney at Law. With 30 years of experience in the field he understands the process of adoption on both sides of the issue. He has a compassionate approach which includes counseling and an understanding for everyone of all options available.

If you are a birth mother who is considering placing your child up for adoption there is help available from his office 24 hours a day. He can help you to deal with the emotional issues, discuss how close to the adoptive family you wish to remain and allow you to help select the potential adoptive family. He can arrange for free counseling and provide for assistance with medical care, living expenses and transportation if needed.

Adoptive parents can seek advice and legal representation whether they are looking to adopt a child who is a family member, a foster child or are seeking a child from one of the Adoption Agencies in Austin. His office is able to research backgrounds and ensure children are legally available and all adoptive parents meet all requirements.

There are many additional adoptive resources they assist with including international adoptions and legal immigrant adoptions. Do not take chances with possibly the most important decision you will ever make. Get a professional on your side and be certain that everything is done correctly and all forms are filled out and filed as needed.

Contact his office today. They offer free initial consultations and flexible appointments to meet your scheduling needs.

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