Whiplash Injury? Hire an Accident Lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA for a Fair Settlement Offer

When a person has been in an accident, it’s important for them to be treated immediately for any injury. However, whiplash can cause soft-tissue damage, which can take days or weeks to fully develop. Therefore it’s important that the injured person not make any statements soon after the accident that they are fine. These injuries can be very difficult to diagnose, because the damage can’t be verified by x-rays or other imaging procedures. Because a serious spinal injury can occur at very low speeds, there is no correlation between a person’s injury and the damage that their car sustained. Only a doctor experienced in treating soft-tissue injuries can accurately assess these kinds of injuries.

Once the injured person has received the appropriate medical care, they should speak with an accident lawyer in Spotsylvania VA area. If they were injured by a negligent person, then they are entitled to have their medical bills paid by that driver. It won’t be the driver that pays the bills directly. The injured person will have to file a claim with the driver’s insurance company. There are very strict deadlines that have to be met in order to receive this compensation. The lawyer will work with the injured person’s doctors to complete the claim as soon as possible. While most people who suffer whiplash injuries recover fully and return to work within a year, about 20 percent face a lifetime of pain and reduced work capacity. The claim filed with insurance company will consider the duration of the injuries, the required medical care and the reduced earnings.

Insurance companies do everything they can to minimize any payments. In the case of a whiplash injury, they will often dispute its severity. Their medical doctors may claim that their is no injury that will prevent a person from returning to work immediately. If they agree that the person is injured, they may claim that it is a pre-existing injury. The Accident Lawyer in Spotsylvania VA will know how to counter these findings. He will work with the injured person’s medical team to demonstrate that they were able to work prior to the accident. The insurance company’s early offers are usually very low and won’t cover the full cost of treatment and lost income. The accident lawyer will counsel their client on the expected settlement for their injury.

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