Which Switchboard Operator Skills Can Be Located Elsewhere

Switchboard operators are often the first point of contact that a customer shares with your organization. By offering high levels of customer and personal service, could these individuals be relocated within your business to improve the relationship between customers and your front-line personnel following the installation of a virtual phone assistant software system?

Do Management Know They Have These Skills?

Switchboard operators provide a high level of customer and personal service to individuals who are making inquiries of your organization. They will have a vast knowledge of all the values and processes required for the customer to successfully negotiate your business or non-profit.

They take the time to evaluate the customer’s requirements while managing to meet your organization’s quality standards for service. These skills could be used effectively in other parts of your organization, should you choose to install the addition of a virtual phone assistant.

Operators may be able to speak in several languages to be able to accommodate callers from a variety of locations. In time, they will possess great telecommunication knowledge, knowing better than anyone else how your organization communicates both to and from customers and employees.

While a virtual phone assistant can help with some of these tasks, the switchboard operator’s skills can be deployed in training first-class customer and personal service among your employees and volunteers.

The operators are experts at disseminating information provided to them from within their organization and from the outside world. When you upgrade your switchboard to a virtual phone assistant, your switchboard operators should be the first people that you speak with, to clarify the type of system that is required for future use.

Apart from physical interaction, the switchboard becomes the hub of your organization and operators will possess a great knowledge of your clerical and administrative procedures so that this information can be shared among selected individuals, depending upon the circumstances and their need to know.

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