Which Portable Work Lights Should I Buy?

Today, many businesses have the need for portable lighting. In fact, it can be one of your most important tools. However, there are many different types of lights like portable LED work lights and other products to consider. Here is a look at some of your options, to aid you in your decision.

Standard Lighting

For many years, standard 120-volt incandescent drop lights were a common sight. They served mankind well for decades but there are some drawbacks with this type of light:

  • Efficiency – standard lighting is not very efficient.
  • Heat – a great deal of heat is generated
  • Maintenance – standard light bulbs burn out frequently
  • Durability – when dropped or mishandled, these lights may fail.

There are some benefits to consider also:

  • Incandescent lights are the cheapest option.
  • Bulbs are simple to replace and readily available.
  • You can find this kind of lighting in many retail stores.


Here are some good things about fluorescent light:

  • Fluorescent lighting is more efficient than incandescent.
  • It generates less heat.
  • Bulbs last much longer than standard bulbs.
  • Little maintenance is required.

Not so good things include:

  • More difficult to find replacement parts and bulbs
  • Light is not as bright as incandescent
  • Cost is greater than standard bulbs.

Portable LED Work Lights

Led lighting offers several important benefits over incandescent and fluorescent light, such as:

  • Efficiency – if you want the most efficient kind of light, LED is by far the best choice. Here is an example. Suppose you wanted a light with 60 watts of lighting power. You could buy a 60-watt incandescent bulb, a 15-watt fluorescent bulb or a 7 watt LED bulb. Also, the estimated annual energy cost of LED is about 1/10th of incandescent.
  • Eco friendly – did you know that many kinds of fluorescent bulbs contain mercury? This is not the case with LED. In addition, CO2 emissions are much lower than the other options.
  • Work conditions – if you attempt to use fluorescent lights in cold temperatures you could experience major problems. Some incandescent lights may not work well either. This is not the case with portable LED work lights as they are unaffected by temperature and humidity amounts.
  • Durability – when it comes to durability, fluorescent or incandescent bulbs cannot match the resilience of LED.


LED does cost considerably more than the other options. However, because you can save a lot of money over the long run, the initial expense is worth the added upfront costs.

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