Which Floor Is Best For Your Student Apartment in Charlottesville

While deciding on an apartment, you may tour the amenities of the property as well as a model apartment. These are to give you an idea of how living on the complex will be. However, you may not put much thought into the level you will live on and how it will affect your lifestyle. Below are considerations you should think about before selecting your floor.


If you carry groceries home each week by yourself, the bottom level will be the most alluring to you. It can be the easiest and quickest way to come and go from your home, and you will not have to worry about disturbing someone underneath you. Best of all, the ground floor of Charlottesville student apartments tends to be colder, which can cause you to have lower utility bills in the summer.


Occupying a unit on the middle floor gives a little bit of both worlds at Charlottesville student apartments. You have a lower amount of stairs to tackle, and the temperature stays more consistent throughout each season. But, unlike the other levels, you have to be concerned with the person above you and underneath.


The top floor is often the most coveted in Charlottesville student apartments. Although you will have to climb more stairs to get there, you will get more light through your windows and a chance to enjoy a better view. Yet, it may be warmer in your unit because heat always rises to the top of a building.

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