Which baking supplies should you buy?

Are you considering starting a hobby or part time career as a baker? If so then you can benefit from having a whole host of baking supplies to ensure that your results come out looking as professional as possible. Exploring what baking supplies you need to invest in will help you to be well prepared to make all types of tasty and delicious treats. Once you have gathered your basic supplies, you will be well on your way to having everything you need for great baking.

Springform pan – A springform pan ensures that your cake bakes up thick and evenly rising to the top of the pan for an even finish. You can then easily remove the cake by opening the bottom cover. Almost every baker has at least one springform pan on hand.

Round cake pans – If you are looking for the best round cake pans, you can find them from a local baker supplier shop or online. These standard pans come in varying sizes but are typically bought in the 9 inch size. These are perfect for baking up cakes that can be used for layering and stacking.

Square cake pans – Square cake pans will give your cake straight edges and makes cakes that are perfect for layering. Whether you are making birthday cakes, wedding cakes, or any other special occasion cakes, these pans offer the perfect solution.

Rubber spatulas – Rubber spatulas are ideal for mixing fondant, chocolate that has been melted, dough, or any other baking recipe. These spatulas can be found online from a trusted baking supply store. They are typically available in a wide selection of colors for you to choose from.

Silicone baking mat – You can use a silicone baking mat to roll out dough, fondant, or for cutting out gum paste. It is easy to wash and care for and lasts for a very long time. This is one of the baking supplies to definitely consider adding to your inventory.

You can also BAKE or cook on the Silicone Baking mat. It withstands temperatures up to 440 degrees farenheit. It is eco-friendly since it can be re-used hundreds of times. It is a great substitute for parchment paper.

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