Whether Buying or Selling a Home, Prevent Surprises with an Exterminator in Columbia MD

A home is put on the market. A realtor is hired to place the listing and show the home. The home is cleaned and furniture is set to provide a comfortable environment. The open house begins. Potential buyers pour in to look at the beautiful home up for sale. Suddenly, there is a scream from one of the home viewers. A rodent just ran across their foot. It doesn’t take long before all of those people rush out of the home and move on to another property. After this fiasco, it becomes impossible to get anyone to even look at the home. The price is reduced, and after sometime, the house sells at far below the value. An Exterminator in Columbia MD could have prevented this issue.

Across town, the happy couple finds the perfect home to purchase. It has the right number of rooms to expand their family. It has a small yard and is near a good school. It is a little higher priced than hoped, but it is exactly what they were looking for. Within the first few months of moving in, they discover they have a termite infestation. This infestation has been their for some time and has created severe damage to the structure of the home. Repairing the damage will cost thousands of dollars they cannot afford. Again, this situation could have been easily avoided by a simple inspection from an Exterminator in Columbia MD.

Whether selling or buying a home, it is a good idea to have an exterminator inspect the property. They can identify any pest infestations and help take action to rid the home of the issue. In addition, they can take steps to prevent an infestation from occurring again. This inspection could have prevented the open house issue causing the home owner to drastically reduce their home price. It could have also helped the young couple either not purchase the home, or have the previous owner correct the issue before purchase. Companies, such as Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc., provide home inspections and free estimates that can save a lot of money and frustration on either end of the home buying process.