Where to Go for Simply Extraordinary & Caring Pet Grooming in Alexandria

Pets need the proper care to remain healthy and happy through the years. Many types of pets require some sort of grooming. Many dog breeds and some longer haired cats need regular fur brushing and other grooming attention to keep their fur healthy, shiny, and untangled. Learn where to go to find simply extraordinary pet grooming in Alexandria.

What Types of Pet Grooming Services are Available?

Many pets need frequent grooming to keep the animal looking his or her very best. Good grooming can also prevent some common pet problems like overheating due to thick coats of fur, nail infections due to ingrown nails that haven’t been trimmed back properly, and other issues. There are some terrific pet grooming services available at veterinary hospitals and clinics.

Some types of grooming services include professional nail trimming and dremeling, anal sac expression for some pets, wing clip/trimming for birds, small pet nail trimming for birds and guinea pigs, and full fur brush-outs and shave downs to keep fur kept and to safely remove any fur tangles or matting.

Pet Bathing Services With or Without Medications/Treatments

There are instances when pet grooming should include various bathing services. Often, a pet with itchy skin will come in for a soak in water with anti-itch medication or flea and tick treatments.

Where to Find Compassionate Pet Grooming

It takes a special personality to perform the soothing pet grooming that an Alexandria based animal hospital offers. Contact Hayfield Animal Hospital for more information.

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