Where to Go for Experienced Investigators in Rockland County

There are a variety of reasons for individuals to require the services of a private investigator. However, the most common profession that requires these services are attorneys. Attorneys regularly require assistance in locating individuals who are pertinent to clients’ cases. Locating an individual can be an extremely time consuming process, and it is a better use of an attorney’s valuable time to outsource this step of the process. Fortunately, Rockland County is served by Pagones-O’Neill Investigations. For those needing Investigators in Rockland County, this firm has years of experience investigating a wide assortment of cases.
There is no formal degree that an individual can earn to learn how to effectively investigate cases for clients. The only effective way to learn these skills is through experience in the field. Experience is one of the best qualities for a personal investigator to have. Fortunately, for those needing Investigators in Rockland County, the investigators at Pagones-O’Neill Investigations have years of professional experience. Steven Pagones has experience working as an Assistant State Attorney General and as a District Attorney. James O’Neill has 20 years of experience working for the New York Police Department. This experience has taught these investigators how to quickly find the information their clients need.
Another highly sought after quality for a private investigator is technological savvy. The internet has revolutionized the way that nearly every business conducts its routine functions. Private investigators are no different. With social media and easy access to court records, it is important to hire an investigator that knows where to go to find the whereabouts of an individual. Additionally, sophisticated equipment can also help an investigator document insurance fraud, infidelity and an assortment of other illicit activities.
Regardless of the reason for needing an investigator, there are a couple of key qualities that should be considered before hiring an investigator. In response to the fact that there is no system of formally educating a private investigator, the single most important quality to look for is experience. Another major trait to look for is the investigator’s understanding of technology. The use of computers and the internet can dramatically reduce the time needed to locate an individual. For individuals considering hiring a personal investigator, the staff at Pagones-O’Neill Investigations have the experience and tools needed to complete the job.