Where a Manufacturing Plant Can Source Donut Load Cells in East Sussex

Donut Load Cells

Thanks to a small profile, donut-shaped load cells tend to be useful when put in tight quarters. Furthermore, material designers have made them available in multiple capacities. As a result, fabrication managers can implement them in a variety of circumstances.

F210 Donut Load Cells

The F210’s design utilizes a stainless steel body, and it’s sealed to IP65 standards. Moreover, it’s been designed to use traceable calibration, so you can isolate noise.

An axial strain cylinder is placed in a sealed case, and the raised end is force bearing. Expect it to perform at high temperatures just as well as at low ones. Plus, its structural stiffness varies from 7.5 kN to 50 kN.

F300 Sideload Rejection Load Cell

Sideload rejection designs feature a bi-directional functionality that’s ideal for custom applications. It is reliably accurate with less than 1%RL error for 20%RL on transverse loads. Furthermore, its accuracy only improves when it’s put under a vector-style application.

Its design enables precise measurements when weighing up to 40 tonnes. If you order one with a 5kN range, its resistors will be housed in a capsule on its cable.

F205 Donut Load Cell

With a range of 1000kN to 2000kN, the F205 design is perfect for high structural loads. It also has a compensated temperature range of -10°C to +50°C.

You may install it between two flat faces, and it does not need to be attached to anything either.

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