When Your Estate Calls for a Probate Lawyer in Kingston, WA

After a person dies, the estate must be settled by survivors of the person, and sometimes that involves the matter going before a probate court. Probate court is where a survivor of a deceased person takes over the estate of the deceased person, pays any debts and taxes owed, and distributes the assets to any beneficiaries. A Probate Lawyer in Kingston Wa helps clients who find the probate process difficult to handle and advises potential clients to learn more about the probate procedures. Here is a closer look at the probate process in Washington.

The Probate Process in Washington

The probate process typically takes about six months to file all the paperwork unless there are some unusual circumstances surrounding the estate. Sometimes family members may dispute matters that are disclosed in the estate, such as the will, or the estate may be unusually large and require more work. Everything does not have to go through the probate process unless the deceased person owned everything exclusively. Normally, in the State of Washington, property and other assets would transfer to survivors without any question.

More About Washington’s Probate Process

If an estate’s total value is $100,000 or less, the probate court can usually be avoided, and the legal matters will be just a matter of signing papers of transference. A deceased person may have named a person as an executor of the estate in the will but if not, the court will usually appoint a personal representative of the estate. Sometimes the personal representative can go through the process without having to physically appear in court, especially if the assets outweigh the debts that are owed. An experienced probate attorney can help guide a personal representative through the probate process.

A Probate Attorney in Washington

Estates in Washington that must be settled can be helped by the personal representatives finding attorneys in the state. Lindsay & Lindsay, Attorneys at Law is a law firm that provides probate help for clients in Kingston, Washington, and the surrounding areas. If a person needs to consult with a Probate Lawyer in Kingston Wa, the law firm is available and offers more information at the website.

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