When You Should Take Advantage of Emergency Dental Services in Haleiwa, Hawaii

People who have pressing problems with their teeth may need to see an emergency dentist. This is especially true when the need arises after normal office hours, or on weekends or holidays. Thus, there are dental clinics that have altered the dental practice to accommodate emergency patients. This is a good thing for those whose jobs might not allow for dental visits during normal hours. A dental clinic that offers Emergency Dental Services in Haleiwa, Hawaii helps patients with such needs. Here is a list of things that qualify for emergency dental services.

The most often-used reason for people requiring emergency dental services is for a tooth extraction. Perhaps a tooth has decayed so badly that the only recourse is to have it pulled. Perhaps the patient does not have the money to try to save the tooth and do a root canal. Although dentists try to avoid pulling a tooth if it can be saved, they will pull it if that is the only thing a patient can afford. Another thing that drives people to an emergency dental clinic is extreme dental pain. This could be a nerve that is exposed.

Another situation that might be a dental emergency is when someone gets a tooth knocked out, such as at a ball game. It is imperative to get the tooth preserved, perhaps in a clean cloth and get to the dentist as soon as possible to have the tooth put back in. Another situation that would qualify would be a tooth that has been cracked or broken. Besides the pain, the fractured tooth might be a cause to get to an emergency dentist immediately.

The Dental Clinic of Howard Carrico III, DDS has been providing dental solutions for patients in the Kailua, Hawaii area for many years. Among the areas of dental practice are general dentistry, which includes tooth cleanings, dental exams and digital X-Rays, and cosmetic dentistry, which includes dental implants, porcelain crowns and bridges, and teeth whitening. The clinic also does treatment for periodontal disease and of course, emergency dental services. If any individuals are in need of Emergency Dental Services in Haleiwa, Hawaii, the dental clinic is available.