When You Need Professional Residential Window Repair in O’Fallon, MO

A lot of bad things can happen to your windows; kids playing ball, rocks kicked up by passing cars or even debris that was thrown at them from a passing tornado can all shatter your glass. Even worse, your windows can be broken during a burglary or home invasion. Residential window repair in O’Fallon, MO, is a surprisingly common occurrence.

Fixing Broken Glass

If it’s just a small, single pane of glass, you might be able to fix it yourself. However, if you have double or triple-pane windows, you’ll need to call in a professional. You can tell if you have double or triple-pane windows by shining a flashlight on it from the inside at night. If the window has double or triple panes, the reflection of the light will be repeated.

Fixing Broken Window Frames

If there is frame damage, the entire window may need to be replaced by a professional. It’s not uncommon for the wooden window frames in an old house to begin to rot. Likewise, mechanisms begin to stick or no longer work, and the caulking and weather stripping can begin to leak.

Broken windows might be a job a skilled do-it-yourself homeowner can tackle, but it’s not for everyone. Fixing your broken windows can be confusing as well as time-consuming. Call in a professional could be more affordable than you think, and it may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

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