When You Need a Big Tow Rig from a Provider of Semi-Trailer Towing in Honolulu

Sometimes that small tow truck you use to haul your broken-down vehicles simply isn’t enough. Bigger jobs call for bigger rigs, and you need a towing apparatus with some clout behind it. Here are some common situations in which you may need semi-trailer towing.

You Are Towing Multiple Vehicles

If you have more than one vehicle that needs towing, you might benefit from using a semi-trailer to tow them all at once. There is no need to make two or three trips to do what can be done with one.

You Are Towing a Very Large Vehicle

When you are towing a large tractor trailer (i.e. one with a large sleeper cabin), it takes another tractor trailer to tow it. Usually, this will be done with a flatbed semi-trailer.

You Are Towing a Tractor or Piece of Farm Equipment

Farm equipment can be a hassle to move around, especially if it is large, such as a combine or harvester. Tractors are exceptionally heavy and difficult to tow with regular tow trucks. If you are towing a piece of large equipment such as these, a semi-trailer makes it significantly easier.

You Are Towing for Scrap

If you haul regularly, a semi-trailer towing rig may help greatly. Large amounts of metal, cars, trucks, and farm equipment may fit on one load.


Semi-trailer towing can be beneficial in many situations. You can use it to haul many different types of vehicles and equipment. If you need semi-trailer towing in Oahu, don’t hesitate to call a company that specializes in semi-trailer towing in Honolulu today! Contact Cash 4 Cars for more information. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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