When Will a Dog Bite Attorney in Houston Refuse to Take on a Case?

Those who have been bitten or attacked by a dog may have the option of obtaining compensation for their injuries from the dog’s owner. However, just because a person has been attacked or bitten doesn’t mean a dog bite attorney in Houston will take the case. There are a few reasons why an attorney may decline to work with the person as the person may not be entitled to compensation because of their situation.

When the Person Caused the Dog Bite or Attack

In most cases, a person will not receive compensation for their injuries if they antagonized the dog and caused the incident. They may also not be entitled to compensation if they were injured during the commission of a crime, such as assault against the dog owner or breaking into the dog owner’s home.

When the Injuries Are Incredibly Minor

If the person sustains minor injuries such as a small amount of bruising or a few cuts, does not need significant medical care, and is able to continue their life without any significant interruption, they are not going to obtain a lot of compensation for their injuries. Since a lawyer is paid a percentage of the person’s settlement, if the settlement is going to only be a small amount of money, the lawyer may not be willing to handle the case.

When Insurance Fraud Is a Possibility

A lawyer is not going to take on a case if they believe it was staged just to obtain money from the insurance company. They might feel this is the case when the person has multiple settlements from prior personal injury cases or when there is evidence they caused the injuries on purpose to try to obtain a sum of money.

If you’ve been injured by a dog bite or attack, and your case does not fall under the above categories, it is likely a dog bite attorney in Houston will be able to help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

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