When To Upgrade Styles With Law Enforcement Uniforms

Making a choice to upgrade or change a style of uniform in a police department is never an easy decision. There are those officers and officials who will want to stay with the old styles, while other officers may be very eager to try one of the newer options in law enforcement uniforms.

What most offices or departments don’t want to do is have a mix of uniforms, particularly if they are very different styles. This can be confusing to the public and it can also create a less than professional look. After all, the purpose of the uniform is to create an immediately visible presentation to identify the individual as a police officer. Different styles of uniforms in the same department tend to undermine this effort.

The common signs you will need to consider new law enforcement uniforms can include any of the following factors.

Difficult to Find

As uniforms become old and dated, they are usually more difficult to find. Often uniforms that are being phased out by manufacturers will be found in the clearance area of police supply stores. Usually, the stores can check with the manufacturer to find out if the line or style is being discontinued.

Lacking Required Features

Many of the new styles of law enforcement uniforms are much more officer-friendly than the old styles. For example, more of a tactical style of pant offers more compartments for storing items, making it easy for officers to have everything they need on their person.

New fabrics also offer better wear offering more comfort and even greater protection for officers. These fabrics are durable, rip and stain resistant and offer a more flexible fabric. They also provide moisture wicking ability and breathable choices that are comfortable all year round.

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