When To Talk To A DYFS Lawyer

DYFS, or the Department of Youth and Family Services, is known as the Department of Children Protection and Permanency, or DCPP. However, regardless of the name, this is the agency that is charged with protecting children from physical, mental, and sexual abuse and neglect.

Most cases this agency investigates are serious, and children are in very dangerous situations in their homes. DYFS/DCPP can take the necessary actions to have children removed from the home of the biological parents, adoptive parents, legal guardians, foster care facilities, or other types of residential care facilities for children throughout Hackensack, NJ, and across the state.

There are also situations where the agency is provided with false or inaccurate information or when mistakes are made at the agency level. In these situations, the organization may attempt to take children away from a healthy, loving family situation.

Contact an Attorney Immediately

If you are aware of the involvement of DCPP with your children, contacting a DYFS lawyer should be a priority. The agency will launch an extensive investigation, and it is critical to have legal representation throughout the process.

Without a DYFS lawyer, the agency could remove the child from the home, and it may be extremely difficult to obtain custody of the child again. In addition, DCPP can also work with law enforcement agencies to bring criminal charges.

The earlier the family contacts a DYFS Lawyer Hackensack NJ, the more prepared you will be during the investigation process and any action that is taken from that investigation. This process is designed to move quickly, so working with an attorney in Hackensack, NJ, that understands the system and process is your best option when wrongfully accused.

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