When To Take A Hike: The Machu Picchu Tour

If you love to hike, a Machu Picchu tour will seem ideal. In fact, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is very most popular for trekkers of all levels. The number of annual visitors continues to increase. As a result, restrictions of individuals allowed on the Inca Trails to the site and on the site exist. These are but two of the factors you need to consider before planning a trip to Machu Picchu.

Factors to Consider

Before signing up for a Machu Picchu tour, consider a variety of elements that can affect the quality of your visit. This is specifically applicable if you plan to hike to the site along any of the Inca Trails. When making plans to hike Machu Picchu tour groups need consulting before you go beyond any initial phase.

Local tour companies are particularly adept at answering specific questions and concerns. In general, the issues under consideration boil down to the following:

  • Weather
  • Seasons
  • Transport availability
  • Specific time: Trail closure and holidays, e.g., Christmas, March Break affect

For many, seasons and weather are the major concerns. For Machu Picchu, the seasons fall into wet and dry. The former covers the months from April/May to October and the latter from November to March. However, for those who want to hike the Classic Inca Trail, February is out. During this month, when the rain falls at its heaviest, the government closes the trail for repairs.

Best Time to Take a “Hike Macchu Picchu” Tour

A decision to take a “Hike Machu Picchu” tour must always consider the weather. While orchids and other flowers bloom during the rainy season, experts do not consider this the best time to visit this sacred site. Instead, they recommend making the pilgrimage between the months of April and October. However, to avoid the large crowds that flock there, do not plan your visit during the school break – June to August. This can make for a crowded experience.

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