When to Seek Foot Treatment in Kenosha, WI

Arthritis, diabetes, or even a passion for running can cause a large number of complications for a person of any age. By seeing your podiatrist at the first sign of trouble, you should be able to get foot treatment quickly. This type of treatment is often a great way to avoid costly procedures and medications, although these may not always be avoidable. Simply by contacting a foot specialist, you can get the treatment you need to feel amazing, reduce stress, and cut down on the risk of further complications in the future.


While Type 1 diabetes is a disease a person is born with, Type 2 can be developed during a person’s lifetime. Often, this condition is caused by a poor lifestyle and weight issues, and those with this disease are significantly more prone to foot problems. Foot treatment in Kenosha, WI must be performed regularly to ensure that you do not develop an infection that may lead to amputation or even death. Having a podiatrist as part of your Kenosha foot treatment should lower the risk of amputation due to diabetes by more than 50%. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with dedication and careful life changes and you can enjoy years of walking on your feet with confidence if you get help from the right people.

Heel Pain

Heel pain can limit your activities and there are many factors that might cause it to flare up. You may have a bony growth on your heel known as a heel spur. Perhaps you have an inflamed tendon or torn ligament. Whatever the cause, you cannot fail to get foot treatment right away to regain the function of your foot. The podiatrist you visit will perform an in depth foot exam, often with X-rays included, to determine the cause of your heel pain. A proper diagnosis is the first step toward developing a treatment plan.

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