When To Move Your Parents To Memory Care Near The Villages In FL

Your parents raised you and supported you in your younger years. When they get older, it’s your opportunity to return the favor. As your parents get older, they may suffer from diminished cognitive processes, including memory loss. While minor memory loss is perfectly normal, it reaches a point where you need to put your parents in a safer environment. Learn about some of the signs that it’s time to move your parents to memory care near The Villages in FL.

Signs Your Parents Should Move Into Memory Care:

Inability to Recognize Close Family and Friends

People who suffer from dementia may struggle to recognize family members, including their spouse or children. It may start with mixing up names and who was present for certain events and escalate to the point that they don’t remember certain people at all. When this happens, your loved one won’t know who to trust when they need help.

Wandering Away From Home

Your parent may decide to complete an errand on their own or visit someone. However, they may get confused along the way. Some seniors will forget their address, especially if they have moved often or recently. Without the proper address, it can be difficult for your loved one to get home if they get confused while out in town.

Forgetting to Perform Personal Care

Seniors may struggle to perform basic personal care as they suffer from limited mobility and memory problems. Poor hygiene and forgetting to take medication can lead to devastating consequences.

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