When to Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Most people commit their loved one to a nursing home when they feel that the level of needs that a person has is beyond their expertise. When they sign up for a home, they do so expecting that the person will be treated fairly and with decency. However, there are certain nursing home care providers that do not honor their ethics, and this leads to neglect and mistreatment of their patients. If you suspect that a loved one could be undergoing abuse at the home, you should hire a nursing home abuse attorney in New Jersey, not only to get justice for your loved one but to save other unsuspecting people from the problem.

The common signs of nursing home abuse

  1. Unusual bruises and cuts on the body
  2. Bed sores, open wounds and other types of sores
  3. The person will have soiled clothes a smell of urine and at times even human wastes.
  4. Sudden change in weight that has no logical explanation
  5. Strange and infantile behavior, the person acting withdrawn
  6. Listlessness and aggression
  7. Physical and emotional withdrawal

If you have noticed any of these signs on your loved one, you need to start an investigation immediately. When you hire a lawyer, they will take time, and even get a detective to work undercover at the home. The person will find out the common procedures that are followed in the home. They will gather evidence that can form a strong case against the institution.

Filing a case

Before filing a case, you need to speak with the department of public health to find out the grounds under which you can file for a case. A lawyer will work in collaboration with the state to make sure that you have enough grounds to file. You will then be needed to fill in the necessary paperwork with the concerned state department. When filing, you need to pay special attention to ensure that all the required fields are filled. This will help you avoid getting your petition rejected. The lawyer will help you describe the neglect type and the compensation or punitive measures you would like taken against the home.

These are important things to know before hiring a nursing home abuse attorney. Law Offices of Kreizer Law are a great place to start your quest for justice. Visit Kreizer Law for more information.

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