When to Call Veterinary Services in Richmond for Your Feline Pets

Cats are famous for their indifferent attitude and quirky personalities, and this can make it difficult to determine whether your cat is being particularly stubborn or if it actually needs medical help. If you suspect a problem, going online to search for symptoms and attempting to diagnose the issue on your own can only exacerbate your worries. As a general rule, it is always better to take your cat in for veterinary services if you notice suspicious behavior. Be aware of any sudden changes in their mood and demeanor, such as alterations with their eating and sleeping habits. Once you know the classic signs, it should be simpler to ascertain when to call for help.

Sudden Behavioral Changes

Cats instinctively hide their pain, something their ancestors did to protect themselves in the wild. This can make it difficult for well-meaning human caregivers to figure out what is wrong. Veterinary services in Richmond can help you determine whether there is a real issue. Once you notice changes in the way your cat behaves, it is time to seek out professional care.

Oftentimes, a cat will begin to hide or avoid interaction with people when they do not feel well. They may also become lethargic, neglect their regular grooming habits, or simply begin to act out. A cat that is not acting the way they typically act is a cat that needs a check-up from a reputable veterinarian, such as the Greatwood Veterinary Hospital.

Changed Appetite

Typically, cats will refuse to eat when they do not feel their best. However, some illnesses will actually increase a cat’s appetite, including their thirst. A cat that suddenly begins drinking a lot of water may have diabetes or a kidney disease, which are both serious issues. The sooner you call reputable veterinary services, the sooner your cat will be able to get diagnosed and treated. If you notice a sudden, unusual change in the way your cat is moving through its daily routine, your best bet is to call someone you can trust to give the right advice and help you determine when to come in for a check-up.

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