When To Call Expert Termite Pest Control In Longview TX

Termite pest control in Longview TX is something that should be taken very seriously. By the time there are enough termites in a home for the problem to become obvious, the damage that has already been done could be massive. 

Silent Danger

Termites thrive in places where they can go unseen. They make their homes in undisturbed corners and places where people rarely go. Depending on the species of termite, they may either start within a wooden structure or underground.

The termites slowly tunnel through the wood or soil to grow their colony. Some build small mud tubes along the foundation and exterior walls. Eventually, the tunnels can be seen on door frames, window trim, and interior basement walls. Since termite infestation begins in such a silent manner, it is important to contact Termite Pest Control In Longview TX to take preventative measures.

Signs of an Infestation

When you see termites, you have an infestation. This basic theory is applicable in practically every case. Even if you see the termites outside, such as under a rock or in a woodpile, you are susceptible to infestation.Depending on the species, termites swarm either in early fall or in the spring. Swarming is part of their breeding pattern. If you see termites gathering outdoors, flying, or swarming, you need to contact termite pest control in Longview TX. If you see termites inside your home, you already have a major problem that you need to address immediately.

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