When To Call A Septic Company In Arlington, WA For Service

A septic tank is designed to process any waste created by a home or business when a city sanitary sewer system is not available. The technology behind a septic system is basic, and most systems provide years of use without requiring a significant amount of maintenance. Unfortunately, there are times when issues may arise, and it is essential to contact a Septic Company in Arlington WA at the first sign of trouble to prevent additional problems and possible environmental regulation violations.

Sewage Backup

As wastewater makes its way down a drain, it will end up in the septic tank where it is then processed. If an issue with the septic system exists, it may cause the holding tank to become full and lead to a backup. Instead of the wastewater running into the septic system, it will instead backup into the lowest drain of a home, causing it to rush out of a sink or toilet.

Drainage Field Line Blockage

If a septic system didn’t have an efficient way to deal with the moisture in its holding tank, it would always become full, but a drainage field is designed to channel any excess wastewater away from the tank and into underground pipes that disperse into the soil. If these lines become clogged, it may cause the sewage to pond on the surface. If a homeowner notices pools of sewage in their yard, it is crucial to contact a Septic Company in Arlington WA right away.

Unusual Odors

Septic systems provide odor-free processing of any created waste, and there should be no unpleasant smells that radiate from the tank or drainage field. If a homeowner notices there is a hint of raw sewage smell in the air, it may be due to a bacterial imbalance. Consult a professional to determine if the odor is caused by a shortage of bacteria or an issue with the drainage system of the tank.

When issues with a septic tank occur, it is not only unhealthy but may prevent a family from being able to utilize the sinks and toilets in their home. The experts at Johnny’s Septic Service offer assistance 24 hours a day and will have any issues remedied as quickly as possible. Call today to learn more and schedule a free consultation.

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