When the Urgent Care Center in McKinney TX is the Right Choice

Sometimes, knowing when to make an appointment with the family doctor and when to use an urgent care center in McKinney, TX, is difficult. Some non-emergency medical conditions can turn into an emergency if left untreated. If it is a non-emergency, and you go to the emergency room, there is a good chance you will have to wait hours because trauma patients are seen first based on triage. If you decide to make a doctor’s appointment, you may have to wait days or weeks, which is also not a good situation.

Needing Medical Help For a Condition That is Not Life-Threatening

The urgent care center in McKinney, TX is the ideal facility for receiving quality care for non-emergency situations. The walk-in clinic is where you go when you have a medical condition that is not life-threatening but still needs medical staff attention. A walk in clinic in McKinney, TX, a Medical Clinic in Lantana, TX, or a clinic in other areas of north Texas is also a good choice when you do not have a primary care physician or need to see a doctor on a weekend or evening.

Types of Non-Emergency Medical Conditions

The common reasons people visit the urgent care center in McKinney, TX, include falls, sprains, colds, cuts requiring stitches, flu, running a fever, unrelenting headache, vomiting, sinus infections, severe cough, sudden skin rash and UTIs (urinary tract infections), broken bones, COVID testing and more. You can make an optional appointment or walk in and get medical assistance from staff with broad experience in non-emergency situations.

CommunityMed Family Urgent Care offers high-quality medical services at its urgent care center in McKinney, TX, for people experiencing common non-emergency illnesses and injuries. Visit https://communitymedcare.com/ to read more about the services offered.

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