When Should You Be Seen at the Emergency Clinic in Kihei?

A medical emergency can be stressful to deal with. In a true emergency, you need to seek medical treatment right away. Unfortunately, you may not be able to get an appointment with your doctor right away. Doctor’s offices are often booked up weeks in advance. Though you could visit the emergency room at your local hospital, the wait times can often be very long. This is why there is an Emergency Clinic Kihei. This allows you to receive the medical care you are in need of, without having to wait to get in to see your doctor. The emergency clinic can give you the treatment you need to sustain you, until you can make an appointment with your general physician.

What are the Reasons You Should Be Seen By a Doctor Right Away?

1. Injuries are one of the biggest reasons you should be seen at the Emergency Clinic Kihei. Some injuries can be life-threatening, especially if bleeding is involved. If you become injured in any type of accident, you need to be checked for internal injuries, broken bones and bleeding. Through an examination and X-rays, the doctor can find these injuries and treat you, so you can find relief of pain and prevent further injury to your body and health.

2. If you are running a high fever, especially if it is accompanied by a sore throat or headache, you need to be seen right away. A high fever can cause convulsions and is often a sign of infection. If your fever is over 101 and you have a sore throat, you could have strep throat or the flu. Both of these conditions can become serious and should not be overlooked. The sooner you are treated, the less severe the illness can become and the sooner you will recover.

3. Ongoing vomiting and diarrhea should never be overlooked. These can cause severe dehydration and health concerns. You will need to be seen so the cause of these can be found and treated. The doctor can give you fluids to stop the dehydration and make you feel stronger.

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