When Should A Couple Seek Marriage Counseling In Newport Beach CA?

There are those who believe that Marriage Counseling in Newport Beach CA is only appropriate when there is a danger that the marriage will collapse. In fact, there are plenty of other reasons why a couple may choose to seek counseling. Here are a few examples to consider.

Counseling Before the Marriage

Couples often benefit from entering into Marriage Counseling in Newport Beach CA before the wedding day arrives. In this situation, the focus of the counseling is to help the couple define their hopes and goals for the marriage. The time spent in counseling can help both parties understand the expectations of the other in a clearer light. They also have the opportunity to begin honing their skills at working together to resolve issues that they face. Seeking counseling before marrying will go a long way toward being ready to meet the challenges that will come later, including those that are typical for the first year of a marriage.

Changes in the Outlook of the Spouses

People can and do change their outlooks as time goes on. This can sometimes create situations in which the spouses no longer feel that they understand or are even an essential part of the life of their marriage partner. In these situations, a counselor can help the two parties look at each other in a new way, and reconnect in ways that they thought were no longer possible.

Dealing with a Catastrophic Event

During a marriage, all sorts of events can occur that present real challenges. A job loss and the resulting reduction in income, the death of a child, or the extended illness of a spouse can all create situations that change the dynamics of the marriage. Some couples need help in moving through those issues and finding ways to deal with them effectively. There is no doubt that Marriage Counseling in Newport Beach CA will make a difference in terms of helping the couple decide what course of action is best for them. For couples who feel they could benefit from counseling, it makes sense to call Dr. Jeanne Michele today.

Doing so will be the first step in dealing with whatever circumstances currently exist, and aiding the couple in making the right decisions for the future. Contact Dr. Jeanne Michele for more information.

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