When Land Surveying in New Orleans LA is Needed

Land Surveying in New Orleans LA is a process that is carried out by qualified and certified individuals. When a property is bought, sold, subdivided or mortgaged, land surveys are generally carried out to ensure that the property markings are accurate and the description of the land matches the pins that are placed in the ground on the property to show its borders. Land surveys involve the measurement of horizontal positions within geographic or plane coordinate systems and their relation to control points which are previously surveyed positions. The pins or benchmarks fix the actual location and indicate an elevation above sea level.

Surveyors work along highways to realign new housing developments during construction. Surveys are taken using a rod and a tripod with two people working together. The surveyors use their equipment to measure the angles and distances and it is those positions that are used to calculate elevation. When it comes to Land Surveying in New Orleans LA it is important to call qualified engineers that can take care of conducting the survey properly and getting the important information recorded. Surveys need to be accurate because they are a legal document that is relied upon for the sale and purchase of land. Surveys also help with the placement and construction of a permanent building on the land.

Oneal-Bond Engineering has a great deal of experience in a variety of engineering disciplines, including environmental engineering, water and waste water design, civil engineering, subdivision development and land development. They also deal with creating master plan designs and surveying with attention to detail and meticulous quality. There are times when engineers are necessary and needed and it is important to find an engineering firm that has good reliable engineers that can complete the work that is necessary for a variety of projects. Whether the project is residential or commercial or involves some type of infrastructure or important system, engineers are ready to take those projects on and have them done to a standard that cannot be achieved any other professional. Taking the time to engage a professional engineer for your land surveying needs is paramount to having the job done correctly.

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