When is the Best Time for Tree Pruning in Queens County, NY?

Growing a tree is not as simple as just planting a seed and watching it mature. Each species requires unique care over the course of its life. They all have different needs when it comes to soil nutrients and aeration, water, pH balance, and more. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional arborist or tree service for tree pruning in Queens County NY.

The best time to have most full-grown deciduous trees pruned in New York is late February through early April, although most species can still benefit from being pruned throughout early and even mid-Spring. The reason behind this schedule is that trees can heal most quickly when they are dormant. Every branch that is pruned constitutes a small injury to the tree, which leaves it vulnerable to disease. This risk is lowest before deciduous trees begin their new growth cycle. Additionally, it is much easier to distinguish dead or damaged branches when there are no leaves on the trees.

Evergreen trees and shrubs also require pruning, although generally conifers and other evergreens require it much less frequently. Since conifers naturally grow dominant branches, called leaders, they rarely require the same kind of selective branch removal as their deciduous counterparts once they are fully grown. While they are still maturing, though, it’s a good idea to have extra leaders pruned out. This can help to prevent abnormal development.

Timing is less crucial with evergreens than deciduous trees. However, corrective pruning of dead, damaged, or diseased branches should never be performed during the late spring or early fall, and extreme care must be taken not to prune into the center of evergreen limbs. When it comes to pruning immature evergreens, ideal timing is primarily dictated by the tree’s branch structure. Random-branched conifers must be pruned in the early spring, while whorl-branched conifers have to be pruned several months later. Maintenance can be performed over the early to mid summer months.

If the complexities of tree pruning in Queens County NY seem like a lot to take in, consider hiring a professional. Contact Arnoldos Tree Service to schedule request an estimate, or to discuss a property’s unique needs, today.