When is it a Good Idea to Get Garage Door Opener Repairs in Clearwater FL?

A failed garage door opener doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to get a new machine. Instead, it’s a good idea to look for garage door opener repairs in Clearwater, FL. Repairs are almost always less expensive than replacement, and a properly-repaired opener can work for many years. In many cases, repair simply involves putting in a new part or two.

The drive system of a garage door opener will eventually need to be replaced because it involves moving, wearable parts. Belts and chains can stretch or break, making it so that the door won’t open even when the machine itself is fine. In these cases, it’s definitely better to have a new one put in by a company like Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay. A new belt or chain should last at least as long as the old one, and in some cases, may last even longer.

Another repair that may be needed involves the sensor that detects when you are using your garage door remote. If the sensor gets dirty or damaged, it won’t be able to get the signal. This typically causes the door to not respond, but in the case of soiling, the response may become erratic instead. It’s a good idea to call someone to open up the machine and clean out the sensor system if your door is responding sporadically or not at all. Such work should be simple, and far less expensive than buying an entire new system.

On rare occasions, a system may need substantial work in order to be made functional again. In this case, it actually may be better to go ahead and get a new opener instead of garage door opener repairs in Clearwater, FL. Burned-out motors, fried electrical systems, and similar problems would require extensive parts replacement and labor, while a new one is already made and probably cheaper. If you do need to replace your opener instead of having it fixed, it’s a good idea to get one that’s more powerful than the old one. This way, there will be less chance of another motor burning out due to overloading.

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