When Families Want to Find Ways for More Affordable Funerals in San Diego CA

An unexpected death leaves the family reeling emotionally. In the midst of their grief, they also must make practical decisions about Funerals in San Diego CA. A full traditional funeral with burial in a cemetery may completely drain the bank account or force them to borrow money. They have the option of choosing cremation with a more casual memorial service, which is just as respectful while also being a more frugal choice.

Casket Rental

It’s also possible to rent a casket for Funerals in San Diego CA instead of buying one. The deceased person is shown at a visitation for relatives, friends and acquaintances. Instead of burial, however, the casket is returned to the funeral home and the deceased individual is cremated. This is substantially less expensive than having to pay for a casket purchase.

Considering All Aspects

Family members who feel distressed about not being able to spend a great deal of money on a farewell ceremony may push for getting a loan. They may wonder if they are somehow letting their loved one down by choosing a more frugal option. But it’s important for them to remember that funerals and memorial services really are for those left behind.

The one who is gone may not have liked the idea of the family going into debt for a funeral. If the family inherited money because of the death, they may have to realize that the departed relative would have wanted them to use that inheritance for something other than funeral services, a casket, a cemetery plot and burial. They will want to talk about options with an organization such as West Coast Cremation & Burial Services.

Scattering Ashes

Although a graveyard provides everyone with the opportunity to visit regularly and feel a sense of peace there, scattering ashes can have the same effect. Allowing the ashes to drift away over the person’s favorite lake or hilltop lets the family know that, in a way, the individual will always be at this scene. When they come to this site, they’ll remember their loved one with affection and hope they can meet again one day in an afterlife.

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