When do you need Long-term Care versus Retirement Residence Living?

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Insurance

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During your retirement you may find taking care of your own home and property is becoming more and more of a burden. You know you want to maintain your independence, but do not necessarily want the hassle and challenge of caring for your home, such as lawn care, shovelling the snow and day to day repairs. If you want to look into the housing options available but are uncertain where to turn, you may be wondering what the difference is between a retirement residence and a long-term care facility.

The Basic Differences

The main difference between long-term care and retirement residences is that people entering into a long-term care facility are in need of 24 hour care. These individuals tend to be older and frailer and can no longer live independently. Retirement residences are designed to provide an active lifestyle to those who are retired and they maintain their independence living in private suites. These facilities also often offer the option to choose from a list of care services and these services may change as your health changes.

Retirement Residences

You should look for the same details in your suite at a retirement residence as you would when looking for an apartment. Make sure the size of the suite meets the needs of your lifestyle but do keep in mind suites are designed on a smaller scale than normal apartments. Many people prefer a suite with a kitchenette to maintain their independence. However some prefer knowing there is a 24 hour kitchen within the facility when they need it. Some other details people enjoy include:

* Climate control in your suite for comfort
* Housekeeping and laundry
* Health care available with 24 hour registered staff
* Emergency call in the suite
* Individual health care options as you need them

Long-Term Care Facilities

The criteria for long-term care facilities focus more on health and personal care. Often family will be in charge of finding the proper facilities that will provide 24/7 registered staff and a secure and safe environment for your care. Family may also consider if Medicare Freeport, IL is accepted at the facility.

If you seek a retirement residence that offers both long and short term than you will be more in control while you are well to select the care you want when your health changes.

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