When an Orthotics Foot in Columbus, OH Has a High Arch

Abnormal foot arches can cause discomfort, aches, and acute pain from the soles of the feet all the way to the lower back. An Orthotics Foot in Columbus OH is typically thought of as one with no arch or a very low arch. This creates a disorder medically known as pes planus and commonly called flat feet. In contrast, an abnormally high arch also can be painful and can benefit from customized orthotic devices placed in the shoes. This condition is medically called pes cavus. Pes planus is much more common.

An Orthotics Foot in Columbus OH that has a high arch is quite noticeable when the person is barefoot. A person with pes cavus puts his or her weight on the heels and balls of the feet with virtually no support in between. That’s stressful for the foot. With flat feet, the orthotics are intended to create an upward curve that isn’t there. With pes cavus, the orthotic device supports the arch and adds more stability to the entire foot. This arch support equipment distributes the person’s weight more evenly over both feet and increases shock absorption.

People with these high insteps also tend to walk and run with the far side areas of the feet abnormally tilted to the side. This problem is medically known as under pronation. It’s casually known as being pigeon-toed because it forces the toes to point inward. Not everyone experiences any discomfort from under pronation but walking this way all the time can take its toll on shoes, causing them to wear down on the outer back sides quickly.

Taking long walks or running without adequate foot support can cause tendinitis, joint pain, and pain along the bottom of the foot. The heels and balls of the feet may become moderately inflamed as they receive the brunt of the workout. They may develop calluses and corns because they experience too much friction within the shoe. Acquiring customized orthotics from a supplier such as Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center may prevent all or most of these problems. Click Here to start getting help for issues with high insteps.

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