When a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is Needed: A Guide for Fairfield County Employees

by | Dec 6, 2011 | Legal Advice

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When looking for a workers’ compensation lawyer Fairfield County residents need to know where to begin. Most people spend the majority of their lives working hard to provide for their families and when an accident at work happens their lives are turned upside down. Skilled lawyers can advise victims of their rights and help them pursue appropriate compensation. Most people do not realize all that workers’ compensation really covers. Lawyers can also help explain that. Finally, by using a workers’ compensation lawyer in Fairfield County victims of injuries sustained at work can focus on healing and not on the headaches that come with legal actions.

Workers’ compensation law guarantees that employees injured while on the job will receive what is rightfully theirs at no cost to them and will not be punished for pursuing justice. Many people do not file workers comp due to fear of retribution. By hiring a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer they send a message to their employer that they will not tolerate discrimination due to their injuries. Victims cannot lose their job, be demoted, or lose wages. Fairfield County employers understand these rights and while most follow the law, a few do not. That is why having an attorney is so important.

When an injury occurs from a single incident it is relatively easy to document and prove. For example, if one drops something heavy on their foot or trips on machinery or gets their hand stuck in manufacturing equipment. What most people do not realize is that other injuries are covered as well. Injuries that occur over a long period of time are covered by workers’ compensation. These might be carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive motion or degenerative disk disease from repeatedly bending over. Workers’ Compensation Lawyers can explain clearly to interested employees what injuries can and cannot be pursued legally.

The law is very clear as to what rights an employee has when injured. Many people think that they can ‘go it alone’ after an injury on the job. While in theory it might be a simple process, in reality the road is long and arduous. Most people realize early on that they are in over their heads and need help. It is best to hire a workers’ compensation early to avoid delays in compensation and to make sure that the correct documentation is archived. Lawyers are professionals who have worked hundreds of cases and know the ins and outs of the Fairfield County legal system. They are much better equipped at filing and pursuing compensation for injured workers.

Regardless of how one sustained their injuries at work, employers are required by law to compensate their employees without retribution. Most employers are honest people and do what is right but a few are not. Since most people never know what could possibly happen after filing a workers’ compensation claim it is best to hire an attorney from the get-go. After hiring a dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer Fairfield County employees will not worry unnecessarily over receiving care.