When a Homeowner Should Call for Sewer Cleaning in San Diego

It isn’t always easy to determine whether Sewer Cleaning in San Diego necessitates a call to a plumbing professional. While some situations exist in which a homeowner can resolve the issue on their own, most situations should be handled by a professional. Read on to learn when a sewer problem needs a plumber’s help.

Broken or Cracked Pipes

Sewer repairs can be very expensive, and it can be tempting to keep having the drain cleaned instead of fixing a broken pipe. Having the drain cleaned is a temporary fix at best, and the cost can really add up. When sewage leaks between broken pipes, the homeowner exposes themselves and their neighbors to toxic materials that can get into the soil and the water supply.

Root Intrusion

Root growth in pipes is an indication of leaks in the area. While a homeowner can handle minor root intrusions, persistent problems require the services of a sewer repair expert. A specialist can visit the home, and most offer free estimates. If the homeowner decides to hire a pro, that person will arrive with special tools to do the job. The plumber may also provide the homeowner with a treatment that must be flushed down the drain periodically.

Clogged Mainlines

If a toilet drains slowly or it backs up and plunging does nothing, the homeowner should call Workright Plumbing. Clogged mainlines are best handled by professionals; if there’s a suspected clog, the homeowner should call the water utility to come and look at the issue. If it’s found that the residential line is the issue, call a plumber for Sewer Cleaning in San Diego.

The home’s mainline is typically the utility company’s responsibility. Excepting basic root treatments, it is advisable to call a licensed, bonded and insured plumber for issues with sewer lines. In most areas, the law requires hiring a plumber for such issues. There are other reasons to call a plumber for sewer problems, such as when the home is bought or sold, or when a new structure is being built on a property with existing lines. If the home’s tap water is rusty or discolored, or if it has a foul odor, sewer repair may be in order. Visit website for more details.

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