What’s the Best Type of Medical Packaging?

If you are in the medicine or pharmaceutical business, it’s important to keep up with the competition and provide the best products at the lowest possible prices. In addition, packaging is one of the most important considerations for several reasons. Let’s explore the value of medical packaging and how it can make or break a business.


Proper packaging takes up as little space as possible. After all, there is only so much storage space available and the smaller and more compact the package, the more you can fit into a warehouse. Size also matters when it comes to shipping costs. Due to the rising prices of fuel, shipping is more expensive than ever and truck space is at a premium.


People are drawn to attractive colors and product features. For example, if there are two identical medications or supplements on the market, the one with the most effective medical packaging is likely to be the best seller.

Customer Convenience

Some packaging is easier to open than others. For example, older people and those with arthritis may have trouble with child-proof caps. They are seeking a solution to a problem and when you provide products which are simple to open, you make the customers’ lives easier and increase your business. These customers are going to come back for more.


Since the famous product tampering cases of the 1980s, drug companies have been very cognizant of packaging safety and many products are packaged with special seals to make sure tampering is not an issue. The more secure your product is, the safer the customer feels and the more he or she is likely to buy. This is especially important with OTC medications.

Medical Packaging Types

There are several package types on the market today. For example:

  • Blister packs – used to hold and seal individual pills or capsules. They come on an easy to open card and you only need to push on the pill to remove it from the pack. This makes it easy to count and keep track of medication and there are no pill bottle problems. Blister packs make product tampering very difficult.

  • Bottles – medication bottles are still popular with prescription pills and continue to evolve to meet regulations and the needs of the consumer.

  • Trays – products used in surgery are often manufactured in special trays.

  • Individual packages – used for products like hypodermic syringes.

Choosing the Right Medical Packaging

The right choice for your business will depend on all the factors in this article. Weigh all the issues carefully and if you are unsure, talk to a trusted CPO (contract packaging organization). They can help you make the right decisions and take care of your packaging needs.

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