What’s New In 2017’S Ford F-150?

Ford’s F-150 is one of the best-selling trucks ever to hit the market. This means people often look to Ford for the latest innovations in industry technology. With the 2017 year just started we now have a fresh batch of F-150s with all new features. So, what are some of these new features?

New Engine

First introduced in the Raptor edition, which for those unfamiliar is Ford’s answer to the aftermarket, is Ford’s new twin-turbo, 3.5L V6 engine. This is the next generation of the turbocharged 3.5L EcoBoost that has been an option for the F-150 since 2011. While this engine performed admirably, it was a little on the weak side pulling 375 horses and 470 lb-ft of torque. This new model increases both to 450 and 510 respectively. This is a substantial boost and, given the fuel mileage, is a very impressive amount of power.

10-Speed Transmission

No, you do not have to shift through all of the gears. The new 10-speed automatic comes straight from the Raptor edition as well. This beast of a transmission is actually only slightly larger than the six-speed previously offered. It contains six clutches and four planetary gear sets. This transmission was designed with GM, so the software and internal components are identical between makes. The bellhousing, on the other hand, is Ford specific. This means you cannot take the transmission out of a GM and use it in your Ford. Not without some work at least.


When you are looking for a Ford F-150 in Buffalo Grove, check out the new 2017 models with the EcoBoost engine and 10-speed automatic transmission. While the rest of this monster Ford stayed largely the same from the 2016 model year, the engine and transmission are completely redesigned from the ground up for maximum performance and reliability, offering 75 more horsepower and 40 lb-ft of torque.

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