What’s Involved When Trading Cash for Gold in Downers Grove

With the cost of nearly every expense on the rise, more and more households are finding it harder than ever to make ends meet. It can be a struggle to get the money needed to take care of monthly bills and put food on the table. While payday loans are an option, they are a dangerous type of predatory lending that can leave individuals in worse condition than before. One of the quickest growing options to get extra money is to sell old and unwanted jewelry. Anyone new to this may be intimidated by the process, but getting Cash for gold in Downers Grove is as simple as following the steps below.

Get an Appraisal

The fist step is to find a jewelry store that buys old and unwanted jewelry. They will be able to provide an appraisal of the items that will be traded in. It is possible to negotiate with them, but it is important for the person who is trading the jewelry to feel comfortable with the amount. Most jewelers use the weight of the piece in connection with the current market rate of the metal to determine its value.

Sign a Release

Once a price is determined, the person trading the jewelry has two options. They can choose to back out of the deal or sign a release. The release states that they are the owner of the jewelry and that it isn’t stolen. It also states that they understand they are trading the pieces for cash and that the deal cannot be reversed.

Get Cash

Once the release is signed, the business will give the individual Cash for gold in Downers Grove on the spot. Don’t deal with the hassle of waiting for a check to clear when most jewelry stores can give the amount owed without delay. Depending on the amount of cash given, you may need to provide identification and a social security number for tax purposes.

Don’t live stressed out and unable to make ends meet any longer. RJ Jewelry & Loan Company can help anyone make ends meet by turning their old jewelry into cash. Visit their shop to get a free assessment and see how much that old and unwanted jewelry may be worth. Their friendly staff will provide a free, no-obligation evaluation of any item made from a precious metal.

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