What’s All the Fuss About Weighted Blankets for Kids?

Many have seen blankets sold with weights sewn into them and have wondered what this was all about. There is some solid scientific evidence that backs some of the claims. While this is not a cure or even considered any sort of medical treatment, weighted blankets for kids company claims that some may be helped by using these items for things like insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, agitation, ADHD, behavioral outbursts and many more conditions.

These Blankets Are Adorable, Cuddly & Super Soft and Cozy

Kids really seem to like these blankets, and they come in some incredibly cute design styles, sizes and color options to suit just about any personality. The blankets are well-made, durable, cuddly, super soft and very cozy for sleeping or just chilling while trying to unwind and relax. The added weights help to promote a gentle deep pressure touch that may aid in the release of feel-good hormones that are great for relieving stress, promoting better and deeper sleep and generally just feeling better overall.

The Blankets May Be Easily Washed for Super Breezy Care

When the blanket becomes soiled, there is no need to worry. These blankets may be washed per the instructions making them a cinch to keep clean and ready for use. They are compact and can be easily transported to school, daycare, afterschool programs or a hospital or other medical setting if need be.

Consider Purchasing a Weighted Blanket for Kids

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