What You Should Know When Ordering Custom Furniture

Buying furniture for your new home is nothing short of a big deal, especially since your pieces will be with you for quite a long time. While it can be difficult trying to shop at your local furniture store, ordering custom furniture can have its challenges as well. If you are looking for custom furniture in Chicago, here are some tips to help make the process a bit easier.

Get Your Space in Order

One of the first steps you should take before ordering furniture is to make sure you have enough room to accommodate it. While most rooms are designed to accommodate most traditional sized pieces, if your design is going to be a bit larger, then you must consider the dimensions of the space first.

Choose Your Fabric Carefully

One of the benefits of ordering custom pieces is that you can use a fabric of your choosing. When deciding on your fabric, you should consider your lifestyle, whether you are single or have kids, as well as where the furniture will live. If your pieces are going to be in a high-traffic area and you have small children, then it would be wise to go with a fabric that is easy to clean.

When ordering custom furniture in Chicago, make sure you are putting your ideas on paper, so your designer has a reference to go off of. This will not only help you achieve the desired finish result, but it can also make it easier to make changes or get input if you have a visual representation of your idea.

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