What You Should Know About Transgender Top Surgery

One of the most significant challenges transgender individuals face is not looking how they feel. Someone born in a female body who identifies as a male or vice versa may feel ashamed of their body, causing many inner conflicts. Transgender top surgery allows individuals to change their appearance to feel comfortable in their bodies.

What Is Top Surgery?

Transgender top surgery changes the individual’s upper body to reflect their preferred gender. For transgender women, top surgery involves creating breasts through a process similar to breast augmentation and restoring breasts after a mastectomy. Fat grafting and implants are standard procedures. Transmen undergo surgery to make a more masculine appearance, removing the breasts and sculpting the chest.

What to Consider

If you’re considering transgender top surgery, you must schedule an appointment with an experienced transgender surgeon. They will discuss the pros and cons of the procedure and what you should expect before, during, and after surgery. Top surgery is a significant undertaking and requires an examination of your overall health to determine whether you’re a candidate.

Who Qualifies

Not everyone qualifies for transgender top surgery. First, you will need to see a therapist to document your gender dysphoria and evaluate your mental health. You must be of legal age and found mentally fit to make an informed medical decision. You should have your health conditions under control and undergo hormone therapy before your procedure to ensure the best results.

If you’re considering transgender top surgery, visit The International Center for Transgender Care to schedule a consultation.

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