What You Should Know About Sports Physicals in Logan

Participating in sports is popular among children, but it’s critical to ensure they do so as safely as possible. That’s why many schools and sports organizations require children to undergo sports physicals in Logan before they can participate. If your child needs one of these physicals, it’s essential to understand what to expect.

What to Expect from a Sports Physical?

When your child attends sports physicals in Logan, they can expect the same experience, regardless of whether they’re a boy or girls. The doctor will begin by asking questions about your child’s medical history, including past illnesses or surgeries, allergies, medications they take, family medical history, and more. In addition to these medical questions, they will complete a physical examination that may include recording height and weight, vision tests, blood pressure and pulse, posture, joints, flexibility, strength, and body system checks, such as the heart, lungs, and more. Children who are going through puberty may also experience related questions.

Why Is a Physical Necessary for Sports?

While children are often less susceptible to injury than adults, sports physicals in Logan are designed to ensure it’s safe for children to participate in the sport of their choice. This examination will evaluate your child’s current physical condition and determine if there are any health conditions that could negatively affect their ability to perform to the sport’s standards. In some cases, a child may be allowed to participate with stipulations that make participation safer. However, some children may find it’s safer if they choose another activity.

If it’s time to schedule sports physicals in Logan, visit the Alder Grove Pediatrics website to schedule an appointment.

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